Carey Orr Editorial Cartoons 1926-1960 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
id4385 Give 'em both barrels! Item 1957
id4374 Old Fisherman is Back Item 1960
id4376 Challenging Man's Superio[rity] Item n.d.
id4378 Time to Move It Forward Item 1931
id4379 It would be strange if it didn't Rise Item 1937
id4381 History's lesson Item 1945
id4383 The bribe is proffered Item 1954
id20529 Orr Correspondence with Chicago Tribune File January of 1917
id4384 The bribe is proffered [color version] Item 1954
id4386 The cupboard is bare... Item 1958
id4377 Everybody seems to have their own ideas about what our prosperity depends on Item 1926
id4380 Reversing the menu. Item 1943
id4382 Our two most prominent "America Firsters" Item 1945