Student Government

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01/F02 Minutes from Student Government Folder September 1929 - May 1936
B01/F04 General Assembly Minutes Folder 1981-1983
B01/F11 Letters sent to General Assembly Folder 1984-1985
B01/F12 Letters sent by General Assembly Folder 1982-1985
B02/F02 Minutes from Executive Council Folder September 1976-November 1988
B02/F05 College Life Advisory Board Folder April 1990-December 1990
B02/F07 Financial Aid Committee Folder 1982
B02/F08 Student Government Papers Folder 1990
B15/F02 Student Congress Minutes Folder 1958-1959
B15/I05 Student Congress Minutes Item 1959-1960
B16/F01 Student Congress Minutes Folder 1960-1961
B16/F04 C.G.A. Minutes Folder 1962-1963
B16/F05 Minutes of the Lake Forest College Community Government Association Folder 1962-1963
B16/F08 Committee Minutes Folder 1964
B16/F11 Community Government Association Minutes Folder 1964-1965
B16/I02 Community Government Association Minutes Item 1957-1965
B16/F14 Provisional Revolutionary Government Executive Committee Minutes Folder 1971-1972
B17/F01 C.G.A. Minutes Folder 1965-1966
B17/F02 Community Government Association Minutes Folder 1965-1966
B18/F01 By Laws and Organizational Charts Folder 1963