Photographs, Portaits, & Realia Inventory list

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B09/F05 Group photo - McCormick Katherine (Medill; McCormick, Joseph Medill; and McCormick, Robert R. Folder undated
B09/F06 Medill, Joseph Folder circa 1852
B09/F12 Patterson, Joseph Medill (right) and Unidentified man Folder undated
B09/F13 McCormick, Robert R. riding horse Folder undated
B09/F14 Patterson, Joseph Medill (right) and Patterson, James Joseph (right) Folder circa 1940s
B10/F01 Portrait - Patterson, Joseph Medill Folder undated
B10/F02 Portrait - Patterson, James Joseph in West Point uniform Folder circa 1940s
I01 Cockburn-Lange photograph No. 9 - "Down in Flames" Item undated
B11/I01 Photograph - unidentified woman in nun's habit Item undated
B09/F02 Patterson, Eleanor Medill "Cissy" Folder 1904
B09/F03 Unidentified woman Folder undated
B09/F04 Group photo - Patterson Family Folder undated
B09/F10 Portraits - Patterson, Joseph Medill Folder circa 1927
B09/F11 Portrait - Patterson, Joseph Medill in military uniform Folder 1918
B10/F08 Portrait - Patterson, Joseph Medill in World War II Army uniform Folder circa 1944
B10/F09 Photographs - World War I Dogfight photos (Cockburn-Lange Collection) Folder 1931
I02 Cockburn-Lange photograph No. 13 - "Done For" Item undated
I03 Cockburn-Lange photograph No. 28 - "A Little Argument About the Clouds" Item undated
B11/F03 Glass Plate Negative - Patterson, Eleanor Medill "Cissy" (arm on bolster) Folder undated
B11/F05 Painting - Bulow, Bill Folder 1992
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