James R. Getz Papers

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Personal and Early Life Writings by James R. Getz Series
B01/F01 Biographical Overview of James R. Getz (Written by previous archivist Arthur Miller) Folder 1995
B01/F03 Early School Papers: International Relations-Factors in the Foreign Policy of Sweden Folder Feb. 26, 1932
B01/F07 Class of 1929 Recording Book and Envelope of Collected School Related Papers Folder
B01/F16 Daily Times Journalism Papers: Select Newspaper Clippings collected by Getz Folder
B01/F21 Daily Times Journalism Papers: Collection of "Personality of the Week" Column Folder
B01/F22 Daily Times Journalism Papers: Lincoln Park Police Ball Article Folder
B01/F26 Daily Times Journalism Research/Notes: Murder Cases List Folder
B01/F27 Daily Times Journalism Research/Notes: Minor Biographies in the US Folder
B01/F28 Daily Times Journalism Research/Notes: Suggestions for the Daily Times, 1924 Folder
B01/F29 Daily Times Journalism Research/Notes: Getz's Goodbye to Journalism (1933-1934) Folder
B02/F02 Collection of General/Lake County Political Correspondence, Newspapers, and Pamphlets/Flyers Folder
B02/F06 Edison Symphony Orchestra Programs Folder 1913-1925
B02/F08 Correspondence between Getz and the Brookfield Zoo and Chicago Zoological Society Folder
B44/F04 Collected Brochures and Vacation Related Pamphlets Folder
B03/F04 Letters, Newspaper Clippings, and other Historical Society Related Materials compiled by James R. Getz Folder
B03/F05 Research Requests and Correspondence between the Historical Society and Patrons Folder
B42/F05 Research Correspondence to Lake County Historical Society Folder
B05/F06 Village of Mettawa Ordinances Documents Folder
B05/F08 Village of Mettawa Ordinances Documents Folder