J. Howard Wood Family Papers 1857-1959 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Genealogy and Family History Series
B01/F18 Family Pictures VII Folder
B01/F19 Birth, Marriage, and Death Records IV Folder
B03/F02 Family Pictures XI Folder
2 J. Howard Wood Correspondence Series
B02/F03 Robert E. Wood Articles Folder
B02/F08 December Folder 1918
B02/F09 January-February Folder 1919
B03/F07 /index.php/smhk-2qb4-aetq Folder 1956-1959
B04/F02 June-September Folder 1922
B04/F03 October-December Folder 1922
B04/F07 August Folder 1924
B04/F08 September-October Folder 1924
B05/F08 January-June Folder 1922
B05/F09 July-December Folder 1922
B06/F02 /index.php/sate-ytbc-524p Folder 1924
B06/F03 /index.php/bwrp-x9xm-dyce Folder 1925-1926
B07/F01 /index.php/p2pe-5hte-86a7 Folder 1950
B01/F04 Birth, Death, and Estate Records I Folder
B01/F05 Letters and Correspondence Folder 1857-1869
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