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US ILfC SC/030 · Collection

This collection, divided into 4 series, primarily contains the written play scripts of Louis Ellsworth (Ells) Laflin Jr. (Series One). The additional material within the collection include the written and visual materials of PlayReaders Theatre Group (Series 2) and a more general assortment of both B&W and Color photographs (Series Three) capturing the different facets of the greater Lake Forest community. Alongside the creative and graphic documents, the last series shows June Kennedy Laflin's, Ells Laflin's wife, small assemblage of travel scrapbooks. Overall, this collection shows the dramatic impact the Laflin family has had on Lake Forest College and the community as a whole.

Laflin, Ells
US ILfC SC/032 · Collection · 1907-1934

The Garden Cities Pamphlets Collection contains informational pamphlets advertising garden cities in England, Germany and the United States. There are accompanying maps with some pamphlets. Other pamphlets include more general information addressing urban planning.
As a reaction to the overcrowding, pollution and turmoil in major English cities at the end of the nineteenth century, the idea of the garden city was born. The brainchild of Ebenezer Howard, he believed the solution to the problem was to build communities where housing, industry and agriculture could coexist. In order to achieve this, he believed all three sectors must be of equal size, with each one being surrounded by an expanse of green, undeveloped land, creating an ideal combination of the city and the country. Howard published his idea in 1898 in the book, “Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform.”

The first two garden cities planned and executed were Letchworth and Welwyn, both in Hertfordshire, England. Howard’s ideas also influenced urban planning in the United States. By the 1920s, the idea of the garden city had taken hold, especially on the Eastern seaboard. This resulted in communities like Sunnyside Gardens in Queens, New York and Radburn, New Jersey being built.

Shortly after World War II, the idea of the garden city once again gained prominence in England. The New Towns Act was passed in 1946 to help rebuild urban communities damaged during the war. This led to Howard’s concepts of equality and coexistence in building communities being embraced.

The garden city and the ideas upon which it was built have since been employed around the world.

Unknown Donor
US ILfC SC/033 · Collection · 1914-1969

This collection contains various book and short story manuscripts written by Blanche Young Oldham. There is also a finished copy of her book, "How the Manx Cat Lost its Tail,” as well as a binder with the author’s notes.

Additionally, the collection boasts photographs and other materials related to the Isle of Man, where the folk stories that make up Oldham’s work originated.

Also contained in the collection are personal materials. These include newspaper clippings, a small number of photographs of Oldham and her family and other personal documents such as the Lake Forest College Program of Commencement Week (1915) and a certificate presented to Oldham in 1946 by the American National Red Cross in recognition of her personal service during World War II.

Oldham, Blanche Young
US ILfC SC/034 · Collection · circa 1890-1920, 1981-1986

This collection contains materials amassed by Van Sickle while undertaking the writing of his senior thesis. The bulk of this collection contains audiocassettes with interviews Van Sickle conducted with Lake Forest residents who lived in the town during the Great Depression. There are also handwritten notes and transcripts from the interviews, as well as 18 release forms.

Also in the collection is a copy of Van Sickle’s 1986 published article in the Illinois Historical Journal that was developed from his senior thesis and has the same title.

Additionally, there is a box containing late 19th-early 20th century theatre programs, mostly from Illinois.

Van Sickle, Frederick
US ILfC SC/035 · Collection · 1932 - 1974

This small group of materials includes small-format candid amateur photographic prints, family letters, and news clippings by and about members of this Lake Forest, Illinois family, mostly from the 1940s and 1950s.

There is a small reference collection of copies of articles and entries and an informal, handwritten family tree.

Wood, Pauline Palmer, ca. 1917-1984
US ILfC SC/036 · Collection · 1976 - 1981

The collection consists of drafts and publications of Susan Dart McCutcheon's nationally syndicated natural foods column.

Dart, Susan, 1920-2007
Lloyd Family Papers
US ILfC SC/037 · Collection

The collection is an assortment of personal papers and non-book materials that were donated to the Lake Forest College Library by Marion Musser Lloyd, the wife of Glen Alfred Lloyd.

Overall, these personal papers show the different lives, accomplishments, and intellectual pursuits of the Lloyd family. The types of documents and materials within the collection include newspaper clippings, scrapbook pages, photographs and postcards, lists of books, course notes and academic papers, a Honorary degree, and the various pieces of documentation about the different social events attended and hosted by the Lloyd Family.

Lloyd, Marion Musser (Mrs. Glen), 1910-2005
US ILfC SC/039 · Collection · 1926-1940

This collection consists of ten diaries belonging to J.S. Hyatt. They provide insight into his day-to-day life and his work as a civil engineer, with the majority of the diaries documenting various appointments and meetings.

Hyatt, J. S.
US ILfC SC/040 · Collection

This collection is a small group of materials relating to R. Hunter Middleton and his work.  In addition to one engraved Bewick wood block, there is a group of discarded (and rescued) proofs of Bewick prints from blocks, a small group of prints and correspondence, a Caxton keepsake "Alphabet in Process" (1984-85), and  a file of reference material.

Middleton, R. Hunter (Robert Hunter), 1898-1985
US ILfC SC/041 · Collection

This collection contains two letters from Nelly (Eleanor) Kinzie Gordon to Mary Williams Blatchford (Mrs. Eliphalet W.) in the summer of 1910, a duplicate copy of 1914 second edition of her mother's, Juliette Kinzie's narrative of her mother-in-law Mrs. Kinzie's account of the 1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn, and a short reference file granting a brief overview of Kinzie family background. Mrs. Nelly Gordon was the spouse of General W. W. Gordon II of Savannah, Georgia, and the mother of Juliette Gordon Low, founder in 1912 of the Girl Scouts in the U.S.A.

Gordon, Eleanor Lytle Kinzie, 1835-1917
US ILfC SC/043 · Collection

Alfred S. Austrian  and Paul M. Godehn, both of the Chicago law firm of Mayer, Meyer, Austrian & Platt, corresponded for the purpose of acquiring rare books and manuscripts with many significant and knowledgeable dealers in the trades.  The collection consists of letters, telegrams, invoices, etc. exchanged with the major U.S. and U.K. book and manuscript dealers of the period, particularly those of Chicago, New York, and London and extending into the 1930s and 1940s. It is not immediately clear if they were acting for a client, not named, or for themselves.  Neither appears among the names of the membership of Chicago’s Caxton Club, a book collectors group. Among the dealer names included in the correspondence, typically with typed letters signed, are Walter Hill, Chicago; A.S.W. Rosenbach, Philadelphia; Thomas Madigan and Walter Benjamin, New York; and Dawson’s and Maggs, U.K.

Alfred Austrian
US ILfC SC/044 · Collection

The collection consists of railroad timetables from across the United States and some from Canada. Many were collected by James Sloss. They are organized by name of the railroad.

US ILfC SC/046 · Collection

This collection consists of bound formal City of Lake Forest reports pertaining to the late 1950s and early 1960s. The main subjects presented in the collection are financially concerned including the annual budget, audit reports, and written reports by the City Manager.

US ILfC SC/047 · Collection

The Wood Family Papers comprises the story of J. Howard Wood as a student at Lake Forest College from 1918-1922 as well as his life as a graduate student at Harvard from 1922-1926. This collection includes maps and town information of where the family lived, genealogical information such as birth, death, and marriage records, family photographs, and hand written as well as typed letters of correspondence. Most important to this collection is Howard Wood’s correspondence with his father (John), mother (Julia), brother (Rob), and sister (Mildred). In these letters, the reader will develop a sense of how close this family was with one another, Howard Wood’s student life and his financial struggles, and his journey into a his career at the Chicago Tribune.

Wood, J. Howard
US ILfC SC/048 · Collection

The collection consists of thirty-eight legal documents that Chief Justice Warren E. Burger gave to Marion Musser Lloyd, wife of Chicago attorney Glen A. Lloyd. The collection includes many handwritten notes including the legally difficult 1974 opinion on the Nixon Watergate tapes.

Burger, Warren E., 1907-1995
US ILfC SC/049 · Collection

The collection consists of a diverse assortment of newspaper and magazine publications that consider the many issues and debates found with the discussion of women's rights and the concept of the Feminist ideology. The various works are written for both local and global audiences alike on subjects like equal gender rights, abortion, perception of sexual orientation, and etc. The dates of the different publications, 77 titles in total, range as early as 1970 to the late 1980s.

McClure-Stuart Family Papers
US ILfC SC/050 · Collection · Predominantly 1910s to 1940s (1793-1969)

This collection consists extensively of the written correspondence and personal papers of the three generations of the McClure-Stuart family. Namely, the letters convey the conversations between groups like parent to child, sibling to sibling, and friend to friend showing one family tree, as it covers a date range spanning as early as the 1790s and ending in the late 1960s.

It contains a variety of letter types including greeting/holiday cards, postcards, business cards (ex. Quaker Oats Co. letterhead), social call cards, telegrams, wedding invites, geographical maps, posts from the war front, US Diplomatic event cards, photographs, newspaper clippings, party lists and recipes, notes of sympathy, and special keepsakes such as drawings, a pressed flower, and even clothing swatches displaying the history of the well-respected Lake Forest McClure-Stuart family.

Overall, the 2,260~ letter collection is split into three parts: 1) Boxes #1-4 Letters of Nathan Fellows Dixon (I and II), Harriet Dixon, and James G.K. & Phebe Ann (Annie) McClure, 2) Boxes #5-9 Letters of the McClure Children, Stuart Grandchildren, and Items of McClure-Stuart Memorabilia, and 3) Boxes #10-13 Letters from Assorted Friends to the McClure-Stuart Family.

An easy to read copy of the family tree appears at the beginning of this collection as JPEG image.

For more information, contact the Lake Forest College Archivist and consult the biographical sketches of the creators/main family members.

Stuart, Harriet (McClure)
US ILfC SC/052 · Collection · 1912-1999

This collection holds the papers of the Lake Forest Improvement Trust. This organization formed in 1912 to redevelop Lake Forest’s central business district known as the Market Square. The materials given by Griffth Grant and Lackie, Realtors, Inc. covered the period of the planning, construction, and early operation of Market Square. The documents in this collection also consist of correspondence between Trustees and various groups of people, technical maps and drawings, formal contracts between Trustees and the building team, past images of Market Square and a number of reference and research papers/articles compiled by Shirley M. Paddock,Gordon M. Lackie of Griffth Grant and Lackie, Realtors, Inc., and past LFC archivist Arthur Miller on the planning of Market Square.
It should be noted that due to the fragile state of many of the donated materials, the collection mainly is made up of detailed B&W and color photocopies.
For more information or questions, please contact the Lake Forest College Archivist.

Trustees of Lake Forest Improvement Trust
US ILfC SC/053 · Collection

The files in this collection may include some original documents collected by College Archivist Emeritus Arthur Miller. Most of the material is secondary research. There may be occasional pieces of correspondence.

Miller, Arthur H.