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James E. Steen Papers
US ILfC LF/007-005-001 · Subseries
Part of Student Life and Activities

The collection consists of items donated by James E. Steen, a 1970 graduate of Lake Forest College. The collection includes pledge information for his fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon, correspondence from the College, notes from friends including roommate James Wheeler, papers Steen wrote for classes, notes from classes, and information the 1967 baseball team. One of the more interesting pieces of correspondence concerns his description of a Tau Kappa Epsilon walk out to Milwaukee. Artifacts include a scrapbook of his college years, a beanie, a paddle, and trophies.

Christopher Mojekwu
US ILfC LF/008-001-003 · Subseries
Part of Lake Forest College Faculty

Christopher Mojekwu, a professor of politics, was born in 1920 and died in a car accident in 1982. The College establisheda memorial fund in his name in 1982. He taught politics at Lake Forest College after having served in the Biarfran break-awy government (attorney general), eastern Nigeria, late 1960s-1970. After that secessionist effort failed he came to Lake Forest with his spouse Lily and children where he taught courses on Africa and international politics and lived in a house on campus. His papers from 1974 to 1977 include correspondence relating to a book he co-authored entitled African Society, Culture and Politics: an Introduction... (1977). A second major item among his papers is an assessment of the role Sir Albert Margai might play in the future of Sierra Leone, by John Pochna, and based on a 1973 interview with the African politician in London. Two folders in one Hollinger box (half size depth), the first folder/series being correspndence taken out of a three-hole-punched notebook, letter size, with its arrangement unchanged, roughly newest on top, form 1977 back to 1974--though the organizing principle has not been deduced at this time. The second folder/binder/series is John Pochna's ca. 1973-74 typed (original) asessment of Sierra Leone's Sir Albert Margai and its potential future role in his country's politics. Also included are several folders of correspondence and publicity regarding the Chrisotpher C. Mojekwu fund at Lake Forest College.