Individual Photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
id17754 Adams, Win File
id17757 Agnes Kendera, May File
id17760 Albright, Ivan File
id17763 Altemus, Terry File
id17766 Alvasz, Frank Jr. File
id17769 Anaghnost, G File
id17771 Anderson, Herbert File
id17784 Archambeau, Robert File
id17787 Armour, J. Ogden File
id17790 Armstrong, Richard File
id17793 Arthur, Chester Alan (1879-1886) File
id17796 Asmann, Edwin File
id17799 Atwood, Margaret File
id17804 Baer, (Trustee) File
id17805 Badger, Sam File
id17814 Barker, Chip File
id17815 Barkhausen, David and Family File
id17824 Barr, Christopher File
id17825 Barr, Lois File
id17831 Bartholomay, Paul + Muriel File
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