Holt Family Photographs

Inventory list
Identifier Sort descending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01/F11 Home and Building Facades File undated
B01/F10 Holt-Balcom Saw Mill File late 19th-early 20th centuries, 1938
B01/F09 Oconto River File late 19th century?
B01/F08 Family Photographs File late 19th century?
B01/F07 Archibald Lake File late 19th century?
B01/F06 Colorado File 1893, undated
B01/F05 Interior of Holt Family Home File 1880s
B01/F04 Holt Boys’ World Tour-Russia File 1879
B01/F03 Holt Boys’ World Tour-Middle East File 1879
B01/F02 Holt Boys’ World Tour-Japan File 1879
B01/F01 Holt Boys’ World Tour-Europe File 1879