General Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B56/F03 Air Yact "Liberty", 1928-1929 Folder
B56/F06 B Folder
B57/F11 Fishing and Hunting, 1927-1937 Folder
B58/F12 L Folder
B60/F03 Military, 1918-1942 Folder
B60/F06 Military, 1925 Folder
B61/F02 Military-149th Field Artillery Folder
B61/F05 Military-149th Field Artillery Folder
B61/F08 Miscellany, 1926-1927 Folder
B62/F05 N Folder
B62/F08 Ossining, New York, 1932-1940 Folder
B63/F08 Son's (James') Education, 1938-1939 Folder
B64/F03 Theatrical People, 1927-1945 Folder
B64/F06 W Folder
B64/F09 Wine List, 1926-1941 Folder
B61/F04 Military-149th Field Artillery Folder
B61/F07 Miscellany, 1920-1925 Folder
B61/F10 Miscellany, 1930-1932 Folder
B62/F01 Miscellany, 1933-1934 Folder
B62/F04 JMP's Illness, November 1945 Folder
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